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24 hours 
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Best Ansible Automation training in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, India

Ansible is an open source automation software that you can use for automating most of your operations with IT and application infrastructure components including servers, storage, network, and application platforms.

This training will help you to understand and practice the automation capabilities of Ansible with actual playbooks, configurations, and practical examples. It will help you to understand the basics of Ansible automation and slowly, you will learn how to use Ansible for automating your day-to-day tasks.

You will learn real-life IT automation use cases with practical examples, such as simple system reports, security scanning, and weekly rebooting Linux machines. After that, your trainer Manoj will teach you how to implement collaboration in Ansible automation and how to automate other devices and platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, network devices, VMware, AWS, and GCP.


  • You should have Linux administration course completed or equivalent Linux System administration knowledge.
  • No experience in Ansible is required


Please check the syllabus tab above.
This Ansible Automation training course is covering following topics

  • 1. Introduction to Ansible Automation: Introduction to Ansible, how to install and configure Ansible and configure managed nodes.
  • 2. Starting with Simple Automation: How to identify manual tasks to automate, find suitable Ansible modules, and use text editors for Ansible.
  • 3. Automating Your Daily Jobs: Start developing Ansible playbooks for real-life use cases, such as system information gathering, system reboot, and security scanning. Learn about Ansible collections, secrets in Ansible, and automating notifications.
  • 4. Exploring Collaboration in Automation Development: Learn about the importance of version control in IT automation and the best practices to use source control management for storing Ansible artifacts.
  • 5. Expanding Your Automation Landscape: Methods to find automation use cases from your workplace and check the feasibility of automation. Also covering, How to use a dynamic inventory in Ansible.
  • 6. Automating Microsoft Windows: Discover the possibilities to automate Microsoft Windows using Ansible. We will cover practical examples for Windows automation.
  • 7. Managing Your Virtualization and Cloud Platforms: Learn about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and the methods to use Ansible as an IaC tool with practical examples for managing the AWS and GCP platforms.
  • 8. Helping the Database Team with Automation: Learn an introduction to database operations, such as installing the database server and creating databases, tables, and database users.
  • 9. Implementing Automation in a DevOps Workflow: You will get introduced to DevOps and the usage of Ansible in a DevOps workflow, with practical examples for reducing deployment time and managing application load balancers and rolling updates. The module also covers how to integrate Ansible with Terraform.
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Manoj Mahajan
Manoj S. Mahajan
Senior IT trainer, Owner

25+ years experience, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) with many certifications completed.

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