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Learn C1000-118: IBM Cloud Professional Architect in Pune

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Best IBM Cloud Professional Architect  training in Pune

You'll learn to design, plan, and architect Cloud solutions on IBM Cloud. Solutions are documented as architectures and can include systems, applications, capabilities, process, and service components. You will do this with limited assistance from support, documentation, and/or relevant subject matter experts.

This training is based on the IBM Cloud Professional Architect v5 (Exam C1000-118) certification syllabus.

This training is an optional prerequisite for IBM Cloud Advanced Architect certification.

Competency Areas

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Cloud concepts and architectural principles
  • Evaluate customers current state, requirements, and vision to architect an IBM Cloud solution
  • Provide solution recommendations based on current industry best practices

Recommended Skills

  • Knowledge of Cloud concepts, Cloud Native, and IBM Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Architectures
  • Hybrid and multicloud concepts
  • IT architectures and using Cloud solution patterns and Cloud Native architecture
  • Cloud infrastructure technologies: systems, storage, security, networking, virtualization technologies, etc.
  • IBM Cloud Observability offerings
  • Incorporating AI and IoT technologies
  • RedHat Open Shift platform capabilities
  • Software for IBM Cloud (Cloud Paks, Starter Kits, Sysdig, LogDNA, etc.)



Please check the syllabus tab above.
This IBM Cloud Advocate v2 training covers following topics:

Sr. Details
Section 1 IBM Cloud Compute Options (20%)

  • Describe and differentiate the various compute options available on IBM Cloud
  • Describe IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions offerings and their key options
  • Describe IBM Cloud Container Platforms [IBM Container Registry Service]
  • Describe the capabilities of IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers
  • Describe IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions offerings and their key options
  • Describe the capabilities of IBM Cloud Functions
Section 2 Design Solutions Based on Application Platform Capabilities (24%)

  • Design Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions
  • Design resilient solutions on classic, VPC, OpenShift platforms
  • Design automation for the application platform using IBM Cloud Schematics
  • Identify the core architecture of IoT solutions using the IBM Internet of Things Platform
  • Integrate Watson AI services to add AI capabilities to IBM Cloud solutions
  • Design integrated solutions
Section 3 Data Analytics and Data Management (8%)

  • Design solutions incorporating the options and capabilities of analytics services on IBM Cloud
  • Design solutions incorporating the options and capabilities of Database services on IBM Cloud
Section 4 IBM Cloud Storage Options (13%)

  • Design IBM Cloud solutions using appropriate storage options
  • Describe the options and capabilities of classic storage on IBM Cloud
  • Describe the options and capabilities of VPC storage on IBM Cloud
  • Describe the options and capabilities of IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • Describe the options and capabilities of storage for Power virtual server instances
  • Describe the storage options for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
Section 5 IBM Cloud Networking Options (11%)

  • Describe Hybrid Cloud Networking Capabilities
  • Apply appropriate Cloud Native Connectivity
  • Apply appropriate VPC Connectivity
  • Utilize Cloud Internet Services appropriately
Section 6 IBM Cloud Security Options (13%)

  • Explain IBM Cloud Security features
  • Describe IBM Cloud encryption and key management services
Section 7 IBM Cloud Resiliency Features (5%)

  • Describe the benefits of IBM Cloud multi-zone and multi-region architecture
Section 8 Observability Capabilities (6%)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of logging capabilities
  • Describe the features and use cases for IBM Cloud Flow Logs for VPC
Here are the details for the "IBM Cloud Professional Architect v5" certification exam:
  • Required Exam: C1000-118
  • Number of questions: 61
  • Number of questions to pass: 39
  • Time allowed: 90 minutes
  • Exam fee: $200 USD. In India $100 USD. Worldwide it may vary.
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